Moore Restoration is now FIRST ONSITE.

The teams you’ve come to know and love remain under a new name. As First Onsite, your local restoration services have national resources to back them up in times of crisis.

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Strong Local Resources

Moore Restoration has served the Indianapolis, Indiana region for 24 years. Since its opening, the company has grown from a one-man operation to 50 employees, with a reach that spans over 80 miles.

Kenny Cochran wanted to see his company grow its client base and reach an ambitious goal; to become the largest restoration company in the state of Indiana.

He knew he would require a greater pool of resources to properly serve a larger number of properties throughout the state. In order to bring the same quality service in a timely manner, Moore Restoration would need to find a partner that could make this dream possible.

With National Backing

Discussions between Kenny and the First Onsite team offered a shared vision for Indiana, and a partnership was born. Moore Restoration is now First Onsite. We offer property owners and managers the chance to connect with the same local team that understands their needs while being backed by national resources.

Plan Ahead

Catastrophic weather-related events are happening with greater frequency, and partnering with a team that puts an emphasis on pre-event preparedness will help your Indiana property mitigate loss when the unexpected strikes.

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Moore Restoration started in Indianapolis, Indiana. By joining forces with FIRST ONSITE, we are now able to service all of North America.

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