2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season And Preparedness

The Heightened 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook And The Importance Of Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane season is upon us, and this year’s forecast is predicted to be one of the worst in 100 years with 14-21 named storms, including three to six major hurricanes between now and November.

Catastrophic events can lay devastation in their path, and unfortunately, a significant number of businesses don’t reopen because they fail to have a recovery plan in place.

Download Today! Dr. Phil Klotzbach and a panel of First Onsite team members present The Heightened 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook and the Importance of Disaster Preparedness webinar. During the session, they will discuss the 2022 hurricane season’s outlook and how First Onsite helps those in need to Restore, Rebuild and Rise.

Dr. Phil is a member of the Colorado State University Tropical Weather and Climate Research team and is responsible for the seasonal Atlantic hurricane forecasts.

We hope you enjoy the webinar and that it empowers you with the right knowledge to successfully prepare for the 2022 Hurricane Season!