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How Property Managers Can Increase Revenue with Disaster Restoration Help

Issues like fires, floods, sewage, and mold can have a detrimental effect on a property’s bottom line. They can prevent a space from being tenable, insurance claims can delay moving forward, and the cost of repairs can become expensive.

Disaster restoration teams work to mitigate all of these problems. These teams specialize in repairing properties damaged from disasters as efficiently as possible. There are many benefits of having an established relationship with a disaster restoration team.

One of the most significant is the positive impact it can have on both revenue and bottom line after a crisis strikes. Let’s go into a few ways that disaster teams mitigate financial strain after a crisis.

1. Quicker turnaround, less vacancy

Often, disasters can leave a property untenable. This disruption negatively impacts customer satisfaction and hurts cash flow. Restoration specialists provide quick and efficient solutions to all of the problems that a disaster can cause. They understand that every additional day it takes to get a unit back in shape, comes at a cost.

Disaster mitigation and restoration specialists bring certified knowledge, specialized equipment, and large, flexible teams to your aid, all of which combine to make fast work of even big, messy jobs.

Hiring a contractor who does not have the experience necessary to estimate the length of the project and to successfully deal with any unexpected additional damage can lead to even more trouble after the disaster. An incorrect estimate and unanticipated delays could lead to thousands of dollars of potential revenue lost because the restoration process took longer than expected.

2. Professionals can restore instead of replace lost items

Restoration professionals also avoid the mistake of replacing items that can be restored. Restoration is cheaper than replacement. Knowing which items need to be thrown away and which can be restored is an essential component of minimizing costs after a disaster. For example, water-damaged flooring that is restored quickly may not need to be replaced.

Additionally, restoring items can prevent the need to file an insurance claim. This avoids phone calls, emails, and paperwork, all of which leads to your unit being ready to function normally again as quickly as possible.

3. Optimized insurance claims

In the case where an insurance claim is necessary, it’s valuable to have a restoration company on your side.

The insurance industry is complex. After a disaster, it’s challenging to determine what you can file a claim for and what you can’t. Restoration professionals can help you navigate through the filing process. They have experience working with insurance agencies; and can quickly determine what to include on a claim. In fact, they can service the claim from start to finish.

Insurance companies often have relationships with specific restoration professionals because they value timely and high quality work. This allows restoration companies to work with insurance claims quickly and efficiently, resulting in more comprehensive coverage for your property or business.

Protect your finances by being proactive

As a commercial property owner or manager, do you have the contacts you need to get help with disasters such as water damage, and even before an event via emergency response planning?

Residential property owners and managers put their tenants, employees, and investment, in danger by not partnering with restoration teams who have industry knowledge, experience, and the necessary resources to minimize losses and respond to their clients’ needs.

First Onsite protects victims of disaster from unnecessary losses

Our team has spent years in the restoration industry. We understand the stress that owners and managers face after a disaster. Our aim is to provide you with restoration services at the lowest rates available and do so quickly! We understand the nuances of the industry, and we handle the entire process, start to finish, so that you can focus on running your business.

If you’ve recently fallen victim to a disaster, call us today. Our emergency response team is available 24 hours a day by phone.

But why wait? Again, proactively preparing for potential disasters is the best way to save on costs and move through the restoration process tactfully in the event of an emergency. To schedule a consultation, contact First Onsite today.

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