Marks Of A Crisis Leader Podcast

What it takes for leaders to be most effective during a crisis

Listen to the compelling podcast recordings below to hear from Dr. Robert Chandler (otherwise known as Dr. Bob) what it takes for leaders to be most effective during a crisis.

Part 1: Strong Communication

Listen in as Dr. Bob explains what it takes to communicate effectively and become a strong leader during a disaster.

Part 2: Positive Mental Make-up

Learn how having the right mental make-up and frame of mind during times of crisis results in improved resiliency and productivity.

Part 3: Expertise and Experience

Discover why having plenty of field experience and expertise to draw upon, will help you to effectively prioritize and move toward a quicker recovery post-event.

Dr. Robert C. Chandler is a Professor of Communication and Director of the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida (UCF) where he leads the Center for Crisis Communication. He is an internationally recognized professional speaker and social scientific researcher with more than 150 academic and professional papers based on his research of crisis communication, leadership, teamwork, decision making, and psychometric variables during emergency and crisis communication.

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