Flooding, fire, pipe breaks, or even adverse conditions like humidity, can quickly destroy paper documents, records, and books. But content recovery and restoration methods, such as freeze-drying, can save critical paper assets. Planning ahead for rapid response is key. Our Document Restoration Services now use the fastest freeze-drying technology available as part of our comprehensive services.

Dry Cloud Technology

Given the importance of speed and efficiency to the paper recovery process, we now use Dry Cloud technology in its freeze-drying chambers. Dry Cloud technology reduces freeze-drying times by up to 50%—from the industry average of 14 – 28 days down to 5 – 7 days—for faster, more efficient recovery.

If an unfortunate event happens, being properly prepared will help us help you maximize recovery. Preparation involves knowing where all of your important documents are and which of them must be recovered.

Here are some invaluable steps you can take to be prepared:

  • Create a map of where important documents are located along with your business-related needs for them (for example, are you required to maintain originals or will a copy suffice?)
  • Identify potential risk factors where valuable documents and books may be located so you can monitor for changing conditions (for example, humidity and mold).
  • Move especially important documents to the safest available areas, whenever possible.
  • Consider legal questions that may arise with document handling.

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