On August 27th, 2020, Hurricane Laura made landfall along the coast of Louisiana, battering the shores with a ten-foot-high storm surge and leaving heavy damage in its wake. One of the locations in its path was a hotel and casino.


The Hotel and Casino is a premier destination that provides a total entertainment experience with a broad reach: lodging, gaming, live shows, a resort-style pool, the beachfront, and a five-star golf course. They’re one of the top-performing properties in their portfolio.


Prior to landfall, the hotel and casino had become aware of the incoming storm. Through an already established National agreement, they took advantage of their partnership with First Onsite. An early call to their account manager put our project directors in touch with risk managers at the resort.

A thorough walk around the facilities and communication with personnel positioned First Onsite to handle disaster before it struck. The property’s size also meant having an emphasis on clear communication and coordination across the resort: landscaping, golf, the pool, casino, hotel tower, and back of house. With generators, water tankers, and manpower on standby, we waited for landfall.


Our teams moved in immediately, setting up the generators and water tankers to quickly establish temporary water and power. Crews worked to extract water and stabilize damaged areas to limit further destruction and eliminate the potential for mold. We provided food and laundry for staff members, emergency responders, and the Louisiana State Police, who had taken residence in the hotel as our restoration teams worked to rebuild the resort around them.

In early October, First Onsite and the hotel and casino were warned of yet another incoming storm: Hurricane Delta. The advanced notice gave First Onsite crews the time to secure all emergency operations put in place over a ten-mile radius, lessening the damage Delta would claim. Once the storm dissipated, our teams restored their equipment and got back to work.


The casino floor was back up and running within seven days, making it available for authorization by the gaming commission. This was an incredible turnaround and had guests back on the floor quickly, reducing business downtime. Millions of dollars were saved in extended lost revenues, and the hotel and casino were back at full capacity within a few months.

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