A small chimney or kitchen fire can be frightening. The sight of flames can invoke panic, and if you don’t act quickly, flames may engulf your entire house. Having a fire extinguisher on hand can keep the fire at bay and smother flames. But even if you’re able to preserve 95% of your house, the area where the fire occurred may have significant smoke damage. The overpowering smell of smoke may take over your house. But fortunately, there are ways to combat smoke damage.

1. Keep the doors and windows open

Increasing ventilation in your house is crucial to removing smoke odors. This allows fresh air into your home and gradually reduces odors.

2. Dehumidify the space

Get a dehumidifier to help draw out any residual smoke. This is important because a lingering scent can irritate respiratory problems and impact lung function.

3. Hire a professional

Even if you experience mild smoke damage, you may not have the tools and skills to repair the damage. We can remove excess smoke from the air, plus give your house a deep cleaning to remove black residue from walls and other surfaces.

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