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Workplace Hurricane Kit

With ample warning and tracking, hurricanes (and tropical storms) should not catch any business owner or manager by surprise. Despite the warning, many businesses choose to stay open as a hurricane or tropical storm moves into the area. For these businesses, a hurricane supply kit can prove to be essential for worker wellness or even…

How We Respond To Disaster Recovery

Fire. Flooding. Storms. Natural Disasters. These events can bring business operations to a screaming halt. Getting a business up and running as quickly as possible is always our goal. How do we do it? Careful preparation and building relationships long before the storm hits. Being prepared means taking a proactive approach prior to storms or…

To Renovate or Restore? That is the Question!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015• Scott Windell A restoration project is returning a property back to its original condition, accurately portraying the historic context and integrity. Restorations are common in historic buildings, but they can also be applied in any major improvement project. Repairing holes in the walls, fixing and replacing old fixtures with replicas…

Water Damage and Filing Claims with Insurance

Property owners can benefit from understanding how to use homeowner’s insurance to cover residential water damage. Along with understanding how to get the insurer to pay for the damages, property owners should also know how to actually file the homeowner’s claim for the damages. For those who don’t own a home, it still helps to…

Earthquake Planning For Small Businesses

Earthquakes are not common in the United States, but earthquake events in other parts of the world often demonstrate their brutal destructive power. The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that no less than 45 states are at moderate to high risk of earthquakes. In April 2011 for example, an earthquake in Virginia (and other parts…

Mendocino California Forest Fire Restoration Client Story

The Mendocino project focused on reforestation in the wake of the 2017 Redwood Valley Fire which ravaged more than 36,000 acres of forest. Mendocino County was already facing severe drought and a bark beetle infestation that killed a significant number of trees before the fires started. Our partners worked with community associations to rebuild 99…