Climate Control

HVAC and Climate Control Solutions

Breathe easy with HVAC system solutions that support good air quality within your facility. Whether your HVAC system needs are related to a property-damage incident, or are just in need of an inspection, our HVAC specialists are here to help.

We offer an HVAC inspection that determines your system’s cleanliness. This is especially helpful for systems that have been neglected for long periods, or if the property itself has recently been impacted by a property damage event.

Our temporary climate control equipment helps to keep your property comfortable when your HVAC system is down for cleaning or is impacted by property damage. These services include mobile refrigeration, temporary AC and temporary heating.

We provide air filtration to keep the functioning areas of your property clear of airborne contaminants that would otherwise make your space uncomfortable and unsafe.

We mitigate the spread of mould and mildew by controlling humidity in climates that support the growth of mould. If you suspect mould or mildew within your property, contact us immediately so we can connect you with our disaster response team in your area.

Certified as an HVAC and Climate Control Specialist

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Let us help you prepare for the unexpected

When disaster strikes, knowing what to expect can make a world of difference. Discover what our specialists have to say about preparing for disaster, expediting recovery, and everything in between. We’re here to help, always.


Climate Control Services cover a range of offerings designed to maintain, restore, and balance climatic conditions within your property, particularly after a disaster such as a flood or fire. These services can include temperature regulation, humidity control, and air purification, among others.

You might need climate control services after a disaster or property-damage event has disrupted your space. This can include scenarios such as a fire, which might cause high temperatures, smoke damage, and odours; or a flood, which could result in high humidity levels and potential mould growth. Both scenarios can affect air quality.

Some signs you might need Climate Control Services include unusual temperature fluctuations, increased humidity, poor air quality, unpleasant odours and visible mould or mildew—or a recent event, such as a fire or flood.

HVAC climate control is the ability to regulate the temperature in any given space within a building. More specifically, the HVAC system controls air flow, temperature, and humidity for occupant comfort and the indoor environment.

Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to respond to your property damage event. We understand the urgency of these scenarios and aim to be on site as soon as possible to start the recovery process.

Yes, our team consists of highly trained and certified professionals with extensive experience in handling a wide range of climate control and disaster recovery scenarios.