Specializations and Qualifications

Education settings like K-12 schools, Universities and Colleges require special handling due to their unique ecosystem. With residential facilities, dining rooms, bookstores, laboratories, classrooms, and gathering places such as athletic venues, the library, and the student union building, all in the mix, restoration work must be deliberate, safe, and produce the least amount of disruption.

Occupant safety and business as usual are key considerations when you choose a restoration partner for your education properties. We are committed to protecting the campus experience you have worked hard to create.

The expanse of our knowledge and experience in all industries lends itself well to your campus

We are able to coordinate the work to mitigate potential disruption to the academic calendar and alleviate concerns about the impact of final exams or other important events or activities. As your partner, we work with you to create a business continuity plan that safeguards your institution during and after a property damage incident. Together, we will ensure the campus experience remains intact.

We also recognize that you may be under strict budgetary constraints, so we communicate our rates at the beginning of the project and keep you informed every step of the way so there are no surprises at the end of the day.

Clients and Properties We Serve:

Colleges and Universities


Boarding & Preparatory Schools

Community Colleges

Private Learning Centers

Technical Colleges

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Pre-Loss Readiness Program

We believe that it is crucial to pre-plan for a potential loss. With an in-depth evaluation of your property, operations, and equipment, we can be ready at a moment’s notice when you need us the most. A pre-loss partnership includes agreed-upon terms and scope of work to make the process easier when an event happens. This program allows our work to be pre-approved so work can begin as soon as the loss happens.

  • Speed up the response time, restoration process and reduce the threat of business downtime
  • Create a response plan for any disaster
  • Establish a dedicated response team and points of contact
  • Provide access to pre-loss resources like storm preparation tips and information sessions

A Recognized and Certified Leader in the property Restoration industry

We’re proud to have received the following certifications and memberships from restoration industry organizations.

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A. We offer customized solutions to address the particular needs of your current loss. Communication is key, so we work with you hand-in-hand during the entire process to avoid any surprises or miscommunication. Our reputation as a leading service provider in the restoration industry sets us apart as we focus on occupancy health, quality, and compliance.

A. As a fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, First Onsite is committed to contract compliance. When we work on your site, you can rest assured that state regulations and laws will be followed.

A. By taking the time to truly understand your needs, we’re able to handle restoration projects efficiently, on time, and on budget. Our size and resources help us handle multiple projects at once while maintaining the highest level of professionalism with proven results. Our unique combination bringing loss prevention before an event and mitigation after is the advantage that saves our clients time, money, and reputation.

A. Due to our scalability and expansive footprint, we’re always available for you. Our emergency dispatchers and work teams are ready 24/7, 365 days a year to help you and your clients — even in the middle of the night or over major holidays.

A. In addition to our restoration and mitigation work, we partner with clients to handle pre-catastrophe preparation so they can be in a good place when an incident or disaster occurs. We also meticulously document all phases of the job from initial assessment through completion to ensure your satisfaction when the work is done.

A. Transparency and Communication. We understand that you are under strict budgetary parameters due to the nature of government grants and expenditures. We keep you informed you the rates and timeline upfront. No surprises.

A. We have onsite certified safety professionals who continually assess the property, repairs, and equipment to make sure everyone on the property is in a safe environment while work is being performed.