temporary walls

Get immediate safety, privacy, and security after a disaster with temporary wall installation. Temporary walls establish secure zones, manage the aftermath of disaster zones, and enable businesses to maintain operations in a safe environment. All panels and accessories are thoroughly cleaned after each use so you can rest assured no dust, debris, or contaminants remain from prior uses and any facilities that must be a clean environment will remain so.

Reduce Construction Noise

By creating a barrier, we’re reducing the amount of noise in the areas you need to operate in while keeping restoration on schedule.

Reduce Dust

Restoration and construction can create plenty of dust and debris. A temporary wall will assist in keeping dust and airborne debris out of your important areas. 

Fast and Easy Installation

Our installation process is fast and easy so you can keep your operations on track with minimal delay.

Flexible Configurations

Customize temporary walls to meet your specific need. Temporary walls can be configured to different sizes, heights, and layouts to accommodate the unique challenges of disaster recovery.

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Temporary walls are sturdy, modular partitions designed to create isolated zones within an emergency or disaster area. These walls can serve as a containment barrier, keeping unaffected areas from further damage and allowing businesses to continue essential operations amidst an ongoing emergency or recovery process.

Temporary walls are engineered for quick setup and easy removal, making them ideal for emergency response situations. They are modular and do not require lengthy construction processes, allowing our teams to establish safe zones rapidly.

We can customize temporary walls to meet specific requirements. They can be configured to different sizes, heights, and layouts to accommodate the unique challenges of a disaster recovery situation.

Installation times vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, we prioritize fast deployment to maximize efficiency, especially when time is a critical component. 

Many temporary walls are designed to be reusable. Their modular nature allows for easy disassembly, relocation, and reinstallation, making them a cost-effective and sustainable solution for disaster recovery efforts.

Yes, high-quality temporary walls offer soundproofing capabilities. They create a barrier against noise and help maintain a controlled environment inside the designated zones.

Temporary walls have versatile applications beyond disaster recovery. They are commonly used during renovation, reconstruction and construction projects in healthcare facilities, in offices and at events where temporary partitioning is needed.

Our team ensures that the temporary walls comply with safety regulations. It is essential to know that these are not load-bearing walls. However, they do undergo rigorous testing and meet industry standards to guarantee optimal performance during disaster recovery operations.