Large & Complex Loss

recover faster from Large-scale disasters

Get immediate service and resources to develop solutions specific to your large and complex loss. We scale to meet the demands of substantial damage across multiple building campuses and cover a range of incidents like fires, catastrophic events, and general property damage that impact your business. With some of the brightest minds and hardest-working individuals in the restoration industry, we will get you back to functionality as fast as possible.

By connecting with us before a crisis, we will build a plan that prepares our collective reaction to your property damage when disaster strikes. Planning ahead has proven to reduce our clients’ interruption by speeding up the overall recovery process.

With coverage across North America, you can rest assured that we have the resources and staffing you need to support your large-loss recovery. We’ll help you return from property damage quickly and efficiently.

We provide temporary power solutions on all large-loss job sites when the power goes out. This helps us power through the restoration process and support you by powering the areas of your property that can continue operations during recovery.

When you partner with us, there’s no need to stress about searching for other vendors. We’ve got the wide range of knowledge, experience, and certifications needed to cover your disaster mitigation, remediation, and restoration needs.

Certified for large & complex loss restoration projects

Discover the certifications and memberships we’ve received from third-party industry organizations.

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Let us help you prepare for the unexpected

When disaster strikes, knowing what to expect can make a world of difference. Discover what our specialists have to say about preparing for disaster, expediting recovery, and everything in between. We’re here to help, always.


Large and complex loss services are specialized restoration services that address large-scale and complicated disaster scenarios for commercial and industrial clients.

Our experienced team can handle restoration for facilities including commercial properties, industrial sites, multi-unit residential buildings, retail sites, universities, healthcare organizations, and historic or architecturally significant structures.

We have teams on standby 24/7 and aim to respond as quickly as possible to stabilize the situation and prevent further damage. Safety is always a concern for our clients and teams.

We understand the importance of business continuity. Our approach includes a detailed plan tailored to your needs to get your operations back to normal as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Yes, we offer specialized services to restore and preserve buildings of historic or architectural significance, ensuring that their integrity and value are maintained.

First Onsite coverage extends throughout North America.

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