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Mitigating Water Damage with Moisture Mapping

If water damage has impacted your property, moisture mapping should be done immediately. This process identifies the areas in your building that need water mitigation, remediation, and restoration. We target the affected areas with dehumidification, remove damaged materials with controlled demolition, and take the necessary steps to prevent mold growth. If you’re experiencing water damage, connect with us immediately to improve your chances of a fast recovery.

Moisture mapping services reveal moisture levels throughout your property and the exact areas affected by water damage.

Our moisture mapping software detects the moisture levels found in all areas of the property and provides a drawing of the building’s affected areas. We’ll identify what materials have absorbed water and need remediating or replacement.

Dehumidification and air movement equipment are installed to begin the process of drying the wet areas detected by our moisture mapping services. We’ll remove any damaged materials from the dried-out space.

We continue to monitor the moisture levels to ensure surfaces are returned to their normal, dry state. To attain the necessary moisture readings and information, we use a combination of thermal cameras, moisture meters, and our moisture mapping technology.

After drying is completed, any areas that are visibly damaged or are still reading higher than average moisture levels will be removed and replaced. Moisture mapping allows our restoration teams to effectively address all affected areas. Our water mitigation services will protect your business and ensure your structure is sound and dry.

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Moisture mapping outlines the wet areas in your building that need to be dried and returned to acceptable moisture levels. It shows the areas in your facility or property that have not been affected by water damage.

If your building or space has suffered water damage, an assessment is needed to understand the gravity of the damage. Once this is known, you can make sure to repair any hidden water damage that can cause further damage to your building’s structure..

The moisture mapping process involves a combination of visual inspections, infrared imaging from thermal cameras, and moisture meters. Visual inspections identify visible signs of moisture damage, infrared imaging detects thermal abnormalities that show the presence of moisture, and moisture meters measure the moisture content of ceilings, walls, and floors in the building.