a-1 flood tech


Since 1969, A-1 Flood Tech has proudly served its clients across the Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. areas by providing property restoration services for water damage to buildings and structures. Steadily growing from a team of just two to now more than 75 employees, the company has built its more than 50-year legacy by forging long-lasting relationships with its customers.

As A-1 grew, so did its sense of purpose. Seeing the urgent need for flood and water damage restoration specialists in vulnerable areas beyond its immediate region, the team felt called to help. The only question: Could the company stretch to support new customers while still offering its reliable service to its current client base?

Joining Forces

The decision to partner with nationwide provider FIRST ONSITE has given the A-1 team the opportunity to share its wealth of knowledge and experience with a broader client base than ever before, and the resources to continue growing for many years to come.

Because of valued partners like A-1 Flood Tech, FIRST ONSITE is stronger than ever. Our region-specific knowledge and vast network of teams across North America make us the only partner you’ll ever need when it comes to flood and water damage restoration.