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Since 1976, Bales Restoration has offered exceptional service and customer satisfaction to its commercial and residential clients. What began as a two-person team decades ago has since grown into a hardworking group of 16 restoration specialists dedicated to serving the Greater Puget Sound area, from metropolitan Seattle all the way to Bellingham.

With a proud history of tackling the most difficult jobs, particularly within commercial and healthcare environments, Bales recently made the decision to partner with a trusted professional whose values mirrored its own. This move allows the company to maintain the same breadth of services and dedication to existing clients as it expands its reach into surrounding communities.

Joining Forces

From the moment Bales and FIRST ONSITE met, it was clear they share the same purpose-driven goals and insatiable work ethic. The decision to partner with nationwide provider FIRST ONSITE has offered Bales the opportunity to share key insight into the greater Puget Sound market, with the added benefit of national brand recognition and resources that will allow it to grow for years to come.

Thanks to valued partners like Bales Restoration, FIRST ONSITE is stronger than ever. Our region-specific knowledge and vast network of teams across North America make us the only partner you’ll ever need when it comes to flood and water damage restoration.

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