Rolyn is now FIRST ONSITE.

Rolyn is now FIRST ONSITE, where we have united the best brands in restoration across North America to better serve you. With more knowledge and resources, and genuine human power, we are ready to take on any job, any place, any size – no matter what.



“We’re in the business to keep you in business”

Since 1979, Rolyn has provided a full range of disaster recovery, restoration, remediation, and decontamination services to industries of all types. Ronald Bergman founded Rolyn in 1979, as a company providing estimates and scope of work documents for building losses. As the client base increased, Rolyn’s range of capabilities expanded to include commercial and residential emergency, mitigation, and remediation services, with a focus on water, smoke, fire, and mold. Rolyn added infection control services for healthcare construction and renovation projects in the early 2000s, as regulations for infection prevention became more stringent and became the “go to” infection control and bio-hazard decontamination contractor for 100’s of hospitals around the US.  In the early 2000’s, the company name became Rolyn Companies, Inc. to better reflect the broader range of services offered.

From the start, Rolyn understood the importance of company culture. Rolyn has taken pride in keeping up with what employees value while providing a positive work environment for the team. This created a great record of employee retention. In fact, some of the earlier employees who began with Rolyn over 30 years ago are still active and dedicated employees of the firm. The team has been instrumental in leading Rolyn’s growth.  One of Rolyn’s strengths has been understanding that work is a reciprocal relationship – meaning it is not just about what employees can do for the company, it’s also about what the company does for the employees.

Joining Forces

As a result of the incredible efforts and a testament to the outstanding team Rolyn assembled, the rapidly scaling business we created, and the cutting-edge emergency response, disaster recovery, restoration, remediation, and decontamination service solutions we have developed, Rolyn became a national company and clients from all of the country looked to us as their “go to” restoration contractor.  In order to continue to provide the excellent services our clients expected, we needed to expand and began exploring buying other companies and merging.  Many other companies have approached us in the  about merging or buying us, but we never saw a future together with these companies for many reasons.  After Interstate approached us to merge with them, over the course of months and months of  conversations and meetings, we got to know Interstate better as a company and, more importantly as individuals. And every interaction we have had with their team, has reinforced that we share a common vision and view – doing right for employees and clients.  During our meetings and conversations leading up to the merger, Interstate indicated they had great respect for our incredible team, for the service lines we’ve built and taken to market, and for our culture. They made a  compelling case that together we would be stronger together and after learning more about  them, we agreed that we would be stronger together.  Reflecting on the almost 2 years since the merger and all the benefits it has brought our employees and clients, we remain incredibly excited about the potential this unlocks for us in the years to come.

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Rolyn started in Rockville, MD and serviced the entire United States. By joining forces with FIRST ONSITE, we are now able to service all of North America.

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