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San Antonio Property Restoration

San Antonio


11225 Gordon Rd#102San Antonio, TX 78216

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Emergency Response 24/7, 365 days a year | Administration office is closed on evenings and weekends

+1(726) 224-2384


First Onsite San Antonio is home to a highly skilled operations team that prides itself on delivering our clients a seamless recovery process from beginning to end. Conveniently located in the heart of South Texas, our branch is prepared to respond to catastrophic commercial property loss from San Antonio all the way to the Rio Grande. We ourselves are members of the local community, and we draw on personal, lived experience when caring for our clients. Communication, rapid response time and a commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart from other providers in the field. We take deep pride in providing solutions for our partners. The San Antonio branch is dedicated to meeting your expectations and delivering a smooth, by-the-book restoration experience from the moment you contact us. We are here to be your trusted, end-to-end restoration provider for all of your preparation and recovery needs.

FIRST ONSITE is able to service these communities as well as all of North America.

  • San Antonio
  • Corpus Christi
  • McAllen
  • Brownsville

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First Onsite

We are FIRST ONSITE, a leading restoration and property reconstruction company serving North America and beyond. We’re proud to provide the highest-quality remediation, restoration, and reconstruction services for essential industries of every kind: from healthcare and education, to commercial and residential.  Our local, dedicated operations are backed by extensive national resources, so that we can be first to arrive and first to make a difference for businesses, homeowners and communities. Our speed, scope, and scale are unmatched, but it’s our people that make the real difference. With a commitment to excellence, service, and doing the right thing, we’ll get you back to work and life. No matter what. We help you Restore, Rebuild and Rise.