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Maxons Restorations is now FIRST ONSITE

FIRST ONSITE and Maxons Restorations began their partnership in May 2021 to bring expand FIRST ONSITE’s unmatched restoration and reconstruction services to the Tri-State areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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As pioneers of the full-service restoration industry, Maxons Restorations has been restoring commercial and residential property damage for decades in one of the world’s most complex markets: The Greater New York City Area for over 75 years.

Maxons’ long history of customer service and practical knowledge has proved to be essential for both property owners and insurance professionals alike. From high-end homes to businesses and institutions, Maxons’ teams are always ready to rise to the occasion. With experiences through disasters like 9/11 and Superstorm Sandy, this team was already ready to jump in and help during unprecedented times.

In recognition of its prominent role in disaster recovery, Maxons has been frequently featured by the media and named “The Masters of Disaster” and “The Restorers to the Rich and Famous”.

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Maxons Restorations started in New York City and grew to serve New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. By joining forces with FIRST ONSITE, we are now able to service all of North America.

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