Insurance Restoration Specialists Inc.

Committed To Advancing

Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. (IRS) opened its doors in New Jersey in 1985. Tim Jarema and Alan Goeltz were the original founders of the remediation and cleaning service company. They were joined shortly after by Tom Peter, General Manager and Certified Industrial Hygienist, who has been with IRS for 21 years. Over the years, IRS quickly expanded to include more locations and more services across New Jersey.

Tim and Tom thought that by being unique in the marketplace they could be the best restoration company in New Jersey. As the industry grew, so did their offerings. They started to provide environmental cleanup, mold remediation, HVAC cleaning, infection control cleaning, fire and water damage, and more for both commercial and residential buildings. By being one of the first companies to provide these services, IRS developed a competitive edge over the competition, solidifying their hold in the state.

Their success began to show in growth and coverage, but the team knew there was a greater potential to help even more properties in the Northeast region recover from a loss. Hungry to build beyond their achievements, the IRS team began the search for a national partner in 2020.

With National Backing

Tim and Tom knew that if they wanted to reach the next level, they needed a partner that had the experience and resources to continue advancing their service across the region. After a few conversations, the team was excited to find that their values were in line with property restoration and reconstruction company, First Onsite, and a partnership was born.

IRS is now First Onsite. Under this new name, we offer property owners and managers the chance to connect with the same New Jersey teams that understand their needs. With an emphasis on immediate response in times of crisis, your local partnerships will have national resources and manpower at their disposal.

Plan Ahead With FIRST ONSITE

Catastrophic weather-related events are happening with greater frequency, and partnering with a team that emphasizes pre-event preparedness will help your Northeast property mitigate loss when the unexpected strikes.