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Commercial Insurance Brochure

WHEN YOUR POLICY HOLDERS FACE DISASTER, WE ARE HERE TO HELP When disaster strikes, your policyholders can depend on us to jump into action, and you can expect us to be a strategic, transparent and effective partner from start to finish. With decades of experience working alongside insurance providers and a vast network of reconstruction…

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Pre-Hurricane Action Guide

This hurricane season, FIRST ONSITE is here to make sure you are fully prepared to weather any storm. With decades of experience on the frontlines of the most challenging, complex, and costly hurricanes in recent history, we’re proud to offer unmatched experience to help you prep for and recover from major storms—wherever and whenever they…

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Commercial Spring Melt Guide

In the spring, one of the biggest threats to commercial properties is water damage. Snow transforms to rain, the frozen ground thaws, while excess water and condensation can collect around the foundation of your property. The risk of heavy rainfall during the season adds to the amount of water accumulation that can threaten your property….

Residential Spring Melt Guide

As springtime approaches, one of the biggest threats to your property is flooding and water damage. Temperatures rise, snow transforms to rain, and the frozen ground thaws, while increasing water levels and moisture can collect around the foundation of your home. Flooding, heavy spring rains and the consequential seepage into your home from excess water…

Water Monitoring & Leak Detection Proptech

Property damage caused by water related events accounts for the largest proportion of emergency calls to property restoration companies. Whether due to a sudden weather event or a slow undetected leak, the impact of unmitigated water damage can be a costly disruption to any business.  When left unattended, impacts are more substantial as it can…

Residential Winter Weather Preparedness Guide

As a homeowner you want to prevent unnecessary damage to your biggest asset, your home. Prevention starts with an awareness of what could go wrong, followed by a few smart checks to make sure your home is safe. As winter approaches each year, it is important to make sure things are running smoothly in your…

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Residential Winter Storm Checklist

Winter Preparedness Checklist for Homes Avoiding Outdoor Damage to your Home ☐ Clear the snow ☐ Prevent icy walkways and frozen door handles ☐ Conduct roof inspection ☐ Redirect melting snow ☐ Pipes & plumbing insulation ☐ Shut off exterior water access ☐ Downspouts ☐ Window wells ☐ Store gardening tools ☐ Patio furniture &…

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Commercial Winter Weather Preparedness Guide

Winter weather is often volatile, which means it can cause disturbances of all kinds to your business operations, at any time. Being well prepared for the inclement winter weather goes a long way towards maintaining safe and efficient operations and minimizing potential damage. Developing an emergency preparedness plan is an important step to help you…

Commercial Winter Storm Checklist

Winter Preparedness Checklist for Buildings: BUILDING ACCESS – Remove the snow/ice from driveways and building doorways to ensure safe access to your premises. PIPES AND METERS – Pipes and meters can freeze when in unheated areas. Ensure there is proper insulation in the surrounding area and/or a local heat source is operative. Turn off water…

First Onsite expands in Atlantic Canada

(MISSISSAUGA, December 1, 2022) – First Onsite Property Restoration, Canada’s leading independent disaster restoration services provider, has opened a new branch in Saint John, New Brunswick. With the new branch location, First Onsite further bolsters its commitment to the Maritime provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. “Saint John is the hub…